December 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you know, our Chapter is comprised of dedicated and busy professionals in the valuation space. In the midst of competing demands, we have had several among our members who committed to serve the members of the Sacramento – Sierra Chapter in 2019. This is an appropriate time to recognize the following for their contributions:

Chapter Officers

  • Justin Kobilis, MAI, AI-GRS, Vice President
  • Jarrod Hodgson, MAI, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Andrew Burger, MAI, Immediate Past President

2019 Board

  • Kelly Underwood, MAI
  • Scott Beebe, MAI
  • Andy Burger, MAI
  • John Ryan

Special recognition is also in order for our committee chairs for 2019.

2019 Committees


  • Joe Esparza, MAI
  • Angela Hernandez


  • Jarrod Hodgson, MAI


  • Judy Dowdy, SRA

Government Relations

  • Jared Calabrese, MAI, AI-GRS
  • Chuck LaFlamme, MAI

Nominating Committee

  • Andy Burger, MAI

Finally, in terms of acknowledgements, I know the entire group serving our Chapter this year feels a great sense of gratitude for the crucial assistance Jenny Calabrese, our Executive Director, has contributed to all of us as members of this chapter.

As part of the larger Appraisal Institute organization, your chapter officers, board of directors and committee members have endeavored to influence the rapid changes that are evolving in our industry. Not unlike other industries, we are seeing company mergers and acquisitions, and the role of artificial intelligence is creating challenges and opportunities for the appraisal industry overall. Fortunately, we do not have to face the industry challenges alone. As members of the greatest organization in the valuation space, we collectively can be viable stakeholders in the future of this industry.

As a service organization, we are charged with simultaneously growing our membership and providing value to existing members. The allocation of resources between the two requires balancing the competition for limited education dollars and creating brand recognition. At times it has been challenging to maintain our mission, our standards and our messaging. To our advantage, I do not believe there will ever be lack of demand for excellence in the valuation industry. However, we will be forced to navigate the pressures related to expediency and fee compression. To that end, as we have previously announced, the 2019 Board authorized the formation of a Potential Merger Committee with the NorCal Chapter. The NorCal Chapter has likewise formed a parallel committee. These committees will be vetting the potential value adds of a merger. Jointly, our Chapter and the NorCal Chapter notified National of our intent to explore the viability of a chapter merger. We will keep our membership apprised of the findings and, if our committee recommends the merger, it will be presented for voting by the members.

2019 in review; our Chapter presented 10 classes and seminars, and 2 social events, along with our premier event, the Tahoe Conference. Over the past year, our Chapter celebrated the designation of 1 new MAI member.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with this team of highly capable members that served our Chapter during 2019. I do reflect on this past year as president with fond memories and appreciation for the opportunity to serve. This profession, with its up and downs, has nonetheless been good to us. As professionals, we will undoubtedly continue to face challenges as the industry pushes toward further automation and as clients continue to demand compression on fees and turn times. We are prepared to meet these challenges and the Appraisal Institute is, I believe, our greatest resource in this industry.

I also want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all our generous sponsors who continue to make it possible for the Chapter to offer diverse programs and events that promote and educate our members. Looking forward to 2020, our Chapter will be in extremely capable hands with Justin Kobilis serving as President, Jarrod Hodgson as Vice-President, and Zane, MAI as Treasurer/Secretary.

In closing, I would like to thank you, the members, for allowing me the pleasure of serving as your 2019 President. It was truly a great honor to serve the Sacramento – Sierra Chapter.

Kevin Ziegenmeyer, MAI

Kevin Ziegenmeyer, MAI