November 12, 2018 – November 16, 2018 all-day
Bender Rosenthal, Inc

Review Case Studies-General

Instructor: Stephanie Coleman, MAI, AI-GRS

AI Tuition: $800; Non-AI Tuition: $1100

Location: Bender Rosenthal Inc (2825 Watt Avenue, Suite 200, Sacramento 95821)

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Enroll in Review Case Studies—General and come prepared for the challenge of applying the review process and other concepts covered in Review Theory—General. You will enhance your review skills by preparing two required review reports based on two case studies that present some of the issues reviewers face in review assignments. For each case study, you will develop opinions on the completeness, accuracy, adequacy, relevance, reasonableness, appropriateness, and credibility of another appraiser’s work and then communicate your opinions in a review report you design and draft yourself. By preparing written review reports based on the case studies, you will gain confidence in the application of review techniques. This course will be beneficial for appraisers and other real estate professionals who regularly work with appraisals and reviews.

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