This section applies to applicants who are applying for the first time, or for individuals previously licensed who are no longer eligible to renew. Applicants may apply at any level of licensure for which they meet the requirements.

To apply for an initial license, applicants must complete and submit all of the following (see list of forms on BREA website):

  • Initial Application (REA 3001)
  • Basic Education Attachment (REA 3002) to document basic education needed to qualify for the appropriate license level, along with copies of official transcripts and/or course completion certificates
  • Evidence of education with official transcripts
  • Log of Appraisal Experience (REA 3004) documenting the number of hours, months and experience. The log must also contain certifications on page 2 of the form (not required for the Trainee level)
  • Experience Log Summary (REA 3003), which summarizes information from the Log of Appraisal Experience (REA 3004) (not required for the Trainee level)
  • Request for Live Scan Service (BCII 8016); or if the applicant resides out of state, two FD-258 completed finger print cards*
  • Consent to Service of Process (REA 3006), if the applicant’s physical residence address is outside of California
  • All appropriate fees as required

*BREA processes applicant fingerprints via Live Scan for California residents. If you are applying for a California license but reside out of state, you need to submit your fingerprints on two (2) FD-258 fingerprint cards with your application.

Once an application is reviewed, BREA will issue a letter informing you of eligibility to take your exam along with your Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) identification number that is required to schedule your exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, applicants then submit all of the following:

  • Application for Issuance of License (REA 3008)
  • Original passing score results
  • The requested work samples for BREA’s review (not required for Trainee level)
  • Balance of the license fees, if any

The expiration date of an appraiser license is normally two years from the date of issuance.